How to tattoo TPE sex doll buy yourself?

If you are trying to use several of these tattoos on various parts of your TPE sex doll body. If the tattoo is applied to any area that receives clothing or physical contact/sports friction during sexual activity, the tattoo will not last for a long time. However, if these temporary tattoos are placed in a position where there is little friction, they will last for a long time. For example, the temporary tattoo I applied above the chest above her tits still exists after one month of use. Facial tattoos may last for a long time, as long as your doll does not lie directly on the pillow during sexual intercourse.

Anything on the back of the doll should be avoided altogether, and a permanent tattoo may not form anywhere on the front of the doll’s abdomen/groin area. The front and sides of the arms and legs are not too bad, but you should consider how your love doll is manipulated while playing to determine the duration of the temporary tattoo.

A one-time tattoo sticker will be the most appropriate choice. For those tattoos that last a long time, a short color stay will satisfy your tattoo requirements and facilitate the cleaning of the life-size sex doll. And relatively cheap, you can complete different aspects of tattoo effects for your doll.

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